How are the rebates calculated and distributed?

We have agreements with several manufacturers that include generous rebate levels for members. If you use their products (ordered through your wholesaler), we get reports from all wholesalers at the end of every quarter for these products. We calculate how much you have used, send the information to the manufacturer and then they give us each practice’s rebate amount. We collect this from each of the manufacturers and then put the money directly into your nominated bank account. This is done every quarter. The distribution is based on how much your clinic uses of a product. It has nothing to do with the collective members usage.

If I am happy with my current wholesaler, and don’t want to leave them, can I still join UVG for all its other benefits?

Yes, you can. We have partnerships with over 40 different suppliers in addition to the wholesaler agreements that will deliver amazing financial returns for your practice.

Do I order through UVG?

No, you place your order direct through the wholesaler or any other supplier partners. Once you become a member, we will notify all the supplier partners that you have joined UVG so they can tag your practice on their systems. This will ensure you are eligible for the UVG exclusive discounts, prices and rebates.

How do I know that I will get a better deal that what I am currently on?

The size of our membership base and ownership organisation allows us to negotiate industry leading agreements for our members. As your first year of membership is completely risk free, as soon as you become a member, we will be able to disclose the full deals with your practice so you can compare how this looks against your current arrangements.

Am I locked into a contract to get the UVG deals?

UVG doesn't lock you into a contract. If you decide that UVG membership isn't for you, or you sell your business we require written notification of the cancellation of your membership. 

Do I have to use the suppliers that UVG has deals with?

To get the absolute best financial result from your membership, we encourage you to use the UVG deals and partnerships, although eligibility for membership doesn’t require you to exclusively use all suppliers. We have a comprehensive membership deal and partnership directory that will give you all the details of each individual partnership. Our team can work with you to understand more about our deals and how best to leverage them for your practice.