The program for veterinary practice owners who want amazing teams, profits, lifestyles.

“I was concerned when joining because of the cost and to be honest, I was concerned to have to face myself and my own stories. After a year of the AMG program, I have increased clarity, confidence and massive financial improvement. The biggest plus for me was not the massive financial improvement, it was the camaraderie of a like minded group being open with each other and sharing ideas. I now enjoy being a business owner again!”

Janine Dwyer – All Horse Veterinary Services

Why does this program get such predictable results for clients?

The reason results were average is because they only had parts of the success puzzle.

  • Some had great information, but it wasn’t specific to the vet industry.
  • Some had great personal development…but they didn’t provide specific business building strategies.
  • Some had great strategies, but lacked the crucial personal development element.
  • And they all lacked a structure for consistent planning and accountability over a sustained period of time.
  • Which meant that momentum wasn’t suitable.
  • Sam realised that for a program to success with a very high level of predictability, it needed to collate all the areas into one program.
  • The Academy Success Formula™ was born.

A successful business has four components that all need to work synergistically to provide an optimal outcome.

A great mindset

This is by far THE most important ingredient of any successful business. We will work with you heavily on this throughout the entire program.


how do you find, serve, and keep your clients.


What are your day to day operating process like so you can consistently deliver great client outcomes, with maximum efficiency and minimal chaos.


How do you find, align and grow a great team to run your systems at a high level to deliver a consistently 10/10 client experience (which, by the way, is the ultimate predicter of a businesses long term success).

PLUS... Your support

There are three layers of support to help you with implementing your plan between each event.

Levels of support

Personal Executive Coach

You’ll have a personal executive coach who will meet with you monthly at an agreed time to help with any roadblocks you are running into (and you will run into heaps I promise)

Closed Facebook Group

You’ll be in a closed Facebook group with your fellow practices in your Academy Class. This allows you to share ideas, ask for help from your colleagues and to leverage each other’s documents, contacts, knowledge.

Training & Education

If you have a challenge outside of your scheduled coaching catch up that the group can’t solve, you have a lifeline to your world-class coaches. We don’t let people drown!

Hear from AMG participants

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