"Joining UVG 10 years ago when I first started my practice from scratch was the best investment I ever made. They give small, independent practices like us a chance to compete at the corporate level. The ROI is incredible!"

Girraween Veterinary Hospital
UVG Member since 2011
Dr Laurelle Bates BVSc (hons) BVMS

"We have been members of UVG for several years now, and found it to give us many benefits, ranging from reduced overall costs, management advice as well as access to high quality, affordable post-graduate education and workshops."

Stathpine Vet Surgery
UVG Member since 2011
Lee Dekkers

"A bit of feedback, I checked out the insurance deal. Just saved 80% on my insurance!!! Yep!! True Story!! Went form $21K to $5K on apples basis. Still blown away. Easiest $16K I’ve ever made. Thank you for the assistance!."

Motto Farm Vet Hospital
UVG Member since 2011
Martin Strong

"Joining UVG was a no brainer during the start up phase of my clinic. It took the guess work and time and effort out of negotiating deals as they were all laid out for me on a platter. Without a doubt in my mind I will be continuing with UVG."

Happy Pets Family Vets
UVG Member since 2019
Tom Robbins

"UVG has enabled myself as a solo practitioner to benefit in many ways. Being part of a buying group has enabled me to reap the benefits of discounts/ rebates across a wide spectrum of products and services – drugs (both with major suppliers and manufacturers, materials, insurances, electricity, discount when ezyVet VPMS introduced and more). The benefits to me of the UVG bootcamp and beyond are that I have renewed confidence in running and growing my business and self improvement. I have grown, my staff have grown, and profits have grown. I’d highly recommend UVG on many accounts – to new grads looking to get their feet into a veterinary practice or a senior veterinarian like myself, who still wants to grown and live a good life."

Mittagong Veterinary Hospital
UVG Member since 2019
Keith McKellar Stewart

"We are already experiencng massive changes in both our personal and professional lives. This program is less about strategy and more about rewriting the tapes in your head so that you can fulfil your potential both as a human and as a business owner or employee. I have witnessed benefits in how I run my practice, financial rewards from owning a vet clinic, how I interact with my team, how I relate to my clients, and how I interact with my young family"

Renee O'During

"After a year in the AMG program we have a great team that is driven to provide best practice. They look at opportunities to help each otherand to consistently improve our services. Financially we are now secure and consistently improving our turnover and profit margin"

Sunsan Bilbow

"Our biggest concern was the cost and we also feared we wouldn't have time to do it. However we've had 180 degree change in mindset and as a result our stress levels are decreased to about 5/10, we are excited about growing the practice and the business is up 30% year on year"

Renier Oosthuizen