Mission: To increase the profitability and worklife balance of vet practice owners worldwide in the next ten years.

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• Our members testimonials •

“It’s been fantastic. I have learnt so much, particularly about practice management. It’s great to meet like minded people who want to do a fantastic job in this profession and earn a decent living. I recommend everyone join the UVG, it’s well worth it.”

Stephanie Wright Murwillumbah Vet Clinic, Murwillumbah

“The benefits of the UVG have been almost immeasurable. Straight out cost saving financial benefits are huge.”

Glen Kolenc Petersham Vet Clinic , Sydney

“Over the past 2 years our business has grown exponentially, we have grown exponentially as people and we owe so much of it purely to the UVG. If you’re debating if you should join or not, give it the one month trial. We did and we have never looked back since.”

Amanda Gough Riverbank Animal Hospital, South Grafton

I hate to think how much money I have wasted by not joining with the UVG 2 years ago. I thought it would only save me hundreds. I didn’t realise that it would save me thousands. Maybe this will help others in deciding to join sooner rather than later.


We have found being a member of the UVG to have been invaluable. It has enabled us to be part of a group of vets in a similar business position to ourselves as well as the fantastic monetary benefits.


We received $14663.76 just in rebates from manufacturers in the year. For the next tax year we are on track to receive substantially more.

As you can see the tangible benefits of being a UVG member speak for themselves. However we find the intangible benefits of the UVG are equally beneficial.


As a one man vet clinic for 21 years, it was a very easy decision to join the UVG. Up front the initial allure was discounts, savings and immediate benefits. As time went on, the supplier and outside suppliers deals were added—also very helpful. But as time has passed the “bigger picture” assistance with practice problems has been the main benefit. To get the ongoing varied and extremely useful information from so many sources and at such a great price, is now proving to be the real benefit.

Simply put, mad if you don’t get involved

I have saved in excess of $60,000 this year alone by being a UVG member. I can’t believe anyone decides NOT to join. Whether to join or not is a no brainer as far as I am concerned.


The UVG has helped me so much in my life. I work less, I’m healthier, more successful, and loving life. What a fantastic support network and a great team.


We have seen an increase in turnover of 35.5% over 2 years.

We can attribute this growth to us applying the techniques that we have learnt through being in the UVG.


I had been told about how enlightening your seminars were, but I had to see it in the flesh to truly appreciate some of the small things that can make a big difference. This is the most invigorated I have felt after a business seminar ever.


Joining the UVG has been great – not simply due to the financial benefits, but I also get a lot from the newsletters, webinars and the website – great resources when I need them. Keep on dreaming big & making it happen – an inspiration for the rest of us.


Just wanted to let you know that I got so much out of the conference.

The whole weekend was invigorating, enlightening and exciting. I haven’t felt so energised for as long as I can remember!

Thank you for helping me realise I can achieve what I need to!


I have started implementing the 9 steps to consult room success module and I’m gobsmacked.

Compliance is through the roof! We are already doing way more Senior Blood Profiles, dentals, surgeries etc etc…

I am super excited by this as the potential for this is so obvious.


We were working way too hard in our two vet practices and not making enough money. Something had to change. So we joined the UVG 12 months ago.

This decision has conservatively added $50 000 to our bottom line this year. The decision to join UVG has been clearly the best decision we have made since we have owned the 2 clinics.

Thank you to UVG for showing us that it is ok to make money from owning a veterinary business.


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