Annette LaBouchardiere

Annette comes from a Dental Business Development/Practice Management background. Annette entered the veterinary industry over 19 years ago working for a Veterinary Pharmaceutical Company and then progressed to a Sales Manager role for a WA Veterinary Wholesaler.
In 2016 Annette moved to the country to set up a self-sufficient lifestyle farm and took on the role of Business Unit Manager for a rural practice, managing two hospitals and a satellite clinic.
Annette has the knowledge, experience and proven ability to manage not only the business side of a veterinary practice, but to also work with the team to motivate and raise awareness of their emotional intelligence. Balancing business and mental health is a passion of Annette’s, and a skill that has been essential in managing work-life balance and increasing resilience in our working environment today.
Annette’s animal family consists of eight cows, 16 sheep, many chooks, turkeys, ducks, one budgie, one canary and her border collie named Willow.