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Do I have to use the suppliers that UVG has deals with?

No, you can use as little or as much as you would like? You can work with our Program Co-ordinator, Katrina, to ensure you understand our deals and how best to leverage them for your practice.

Am I tied into a contract to get the UVG deals?

No there is no contracts at all. You are required to sign a confidentiality agreement where you agree not to use the UVG deals as leverage for your own negotiations.

Can I see what’s in it for me without any risk?

Yes, we have a no catch, risk free guarantee. If we have not saved you more money than the cost of your 1st year of membership, we will refund your total membership in full*. That means you can become a member for the first twelve months completely risk free.

How do I know that I will get a better deal than what I am currently on?

As your first year of membership is completely risk free, as soon as you become a member, our wholesalers and suppliers will be able to disclose the full deals with your practice so you can compare how this looks against your current arrangements. The size of our membership base and ownership organisation allows us to negotiate industry leading agreements for our members.

Do I order through the UVG?

No, you place your order direct through the wholesaler. Once you are a member and have a new membership number, the wholesaler will tag this on their accounts so you are eligible for the UVG exclusive prices.

If I am happy with my current wholesaler, and don’t want to leave them, can I still join the UVG for all its other benefits?

Yes, you can. We recommend you explore our insurance and other practice management supplier deals or look to access our marketing tools and business building programs.

Does it matter where my practice is located?

No. Our suppliers can supply to all of Australia.

How long has the UVG existed for?

The UVG has existed since November 2006.

How much would I expect to save from the wholesaler deal?

This is dependent on which wholesalers you currently use and what deals you have in place. On average, members save between 6% and 10% off their drug bill. We have seen savings as high as 15%. Rebates are then paid on top of this.

Why can’t I get a UVG representative to visit me in my practice?

The reason is, there is a huge cost associated with doing that. To keep membership costs reasonable, we achieve interaction with members via conferences, webinars, teleconferences, and using technology to help as many vets as possible.

How are the rebates calculated and distributed?

We have agreements with certain manufacturers. If you use their products (ordered through the UVG negotiated wholesaler), we get reports from wholesalers at the end of every quarter for these products. We calculate how much you have used, send the information to the manufacturer and then they give us the rebate amount. We collect this from each of the manufacturers and then put the money directly into your nominated bank account. This is done every quarter. The distribution is based on how much your clinic uses of a product. It has nothing to do with other member’s usage.