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Accelerate Mastermind Group

The AMG program is a 2-year comprehensive business and personal development program. The program includes four intensive education and mastermind seminars per year, monthly accountability coaching, and access to group facilitators and business advisors for all participants.

The program has been specifically developed to cover four key pillars for personal and business success – Personal and Time Mastery, Leadership Mastery, Money Mastery, Marketing Mastery.  It’s the only program in the veterinary industry that offers a complete business and personal development program in one. Our program has a very strong focus on the impact of leadership, but it delves much deeper into the other important disciplines that will help successfully transform you and your practice.

The AMG program brings you together with other like-minded veterinary practice owners who want to improve themselves and their businesses. The group becomes its own micro community of veterinary practice owners who support and celebrate together as each program member starts to make changes to achieve better profitability and improved work, life balance. Those that have completed the program previously, often comment that it’s the value of this new support community that is the real icing on the cake. It’s gives them more connectiveness and less isolation.

The program commences in August of each year and the four education and mastermind seminars are held in August, November, February and March.

Watch our video below to hear from past AMG participants about their experience in the program.

Personal & Time Mastery

  • Understanding you
  • Understanding happiness
  • Understanding your identity & beliefs
  • Understanding the identity of the entrepreneur
  • Goal Setting
  • How to build a 90 day plan
  • Productivity & time mastery

Money Mastery

  • Understanding your psychology of wealth
  • Understanding your business
  • Understanding you pricing psychology
  • Understanding the key metrics and KPIs

Leadership Mastery

  • Understanding leadership
  • How to build a business vision
  • Performance management & how to have courageous conversation
  • Recruiting an A grade team
  • Onboarding & induction of new team members
  • How to use scorecards to develop your team

Marketing Mastery

  • Creating your practice identify, marketing message & processes to deliver these messages
  • Marketing in your practice
  • Learn how to shoot your own videos in 3 minutes to develop magnetic marketing for your practice
  • How to have your appointment schedule filling up 12 months ahead
  • How to increase your reminder compliance by 50% or more
  • Advanced telephone conversation & sales skills
  • Leadership kinda fell into my lap when I wanted to be my OWN boss but didn’t think it through that this meant I would be someone else’s boss too!

    I am not trained in leadership and for many years muddled by, stumbling from success to “failure” and back again acquiring knowledge along the way but not ever really knowing how to manage myself far less those in my care as employees.

    AMG gave me some focus and a great deal of perturbation to learn what made me tick which in turn lead to me being a better leader.

    Our net profit has gone from a poorly 4-6% to a sustainable 20-25% and I have now purchased a new property to move my clinic to after 20 years of renting.

    Exciting times and a shot in the arm for me too! Thanks AMG, Sam and Shane.

    Alison – Wantirna Vet Clinic
  • “John Gemmell’s support to the leadership group and clinic as a whole over the past 12 months has been invaluable in a time of significant change. His understanding manner earned trust from all team members. As a direct result of John’s mentoring we have improved work flow, communication, missed charges, consult process, team work and team morale. We are all much better at selling the value of our services and products with confidence. In terms of revenue we have just completed one of our biggest months ever, which I doubt we could have achieved without input from John”
    Nigel McMahon
    Clinic Lead Deniliquin vet clinic NSW
  • We have been working with John Gemmell from CVS for over two years now, and haven’t looked back. As vets we are time poor, and often have little experience in HR and managing the various different personalities within a team. John has been invaluable to us in these areas.  John completely runs team training on various different predetermined topics – from customer service to dentals to emotional intelligence – and has been priceless to us in managing work related and personal issues we have had with a new graduate veterinarian. The whole team likes and trusts John, and we all very comfortable with him both in a group, and one-on-one situations. We would highly recommend John and the CVS to any Veterinary Clinic without hesitation, and have done so.  ”
    Lauren, Scott and Amy
    Hamilton Vetcare
  • “We have been fortunate to have used the services of Clive and Katherine as a Business Coaching team over the last 12 months. In that time, through close analysis of our practice KPI’s, we have identified many areas of strength (Yay!) and other areas of weakness (Boo!) Fortunately, with the aspects of our business where we were coming up short, there was always an easy (through not always obvious to us) remedy which has turned those shortcomings into areas of strength.  Our staff are motivated, engaged and busy and the practice’s net profit has improved steadily. We have found the Business Coaching relationship very beneficial and supportive, and it represents great value.  ”
    Steve Cooper
    Wanneroo Vet Clinic