Complete Vet System

Transform your business into your ideal practice with the support of a dedicated industry expert, following a proven system at an affordable price

The results for your practice will be:

Happier Clients • More Motivated Employees • More Satisfied Business Owners • Increased Practice Profits • Dynamic Working Culture

What type of practice would benefit most from the Complete Vet System

Any practice that wants to:

  • Coach your vets and nurses to overcome their fear of charging
  • Increase your team’s ability and confidence to book appointments and procedures
  • Increase your client’s compliance to reminders from 50% (industry standard) to 80%
  • Create a team culture of accountability and initiative
  • Get hands-on help to implement proven systems and processes in your practice

What is the Complete Vet System?

The Complete Vet System (CVS) uses a powerful 4 Step Process and advanced technology, business processes and training to create the most cost-effective vet practice management and performance improvement system available. The CVS System with the support of your dedicated industry expert will;

  • Accurately pinpoint what needs to be fixed in your practice
  • And then systematically upskill and train your team to make the changes for you
  • Utilising cutting edge technology that allows regular, structured and growth-focussed:
    • Management Meetings
    • Staff Performance Reviews
    • Team Meetings
    • Training Workshops (Client Service, Marketing, Standards of Care, HR, plus much more)
    • Practice Performance Reviews
    • Monthly Performance and Financial Analysis
    • Supplier Training
  • Uses a scientific personality tool to recruit the right team member every time. Optimise team performance and happiness by understanding the drivers for every team member

What is the 4 Step Process?

Step 1

Evaluation & Expectations (Onsite) We pinpoint your key challenges for the quickest wins

We perform a diagnostic analysis on every area of your clinic. This dissection process allows us to make non-emotional, accurate decisions on where to focus first to improve your practice as quickly as possible.

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Step 2

Team Alignment – We bring your team onboard

Bringing your team onboard with the new changes is one of the most important, if not the most important task we do for you. We call this our “Team Alignment Process”. This very powerful workshop is conducted with your entire team and is designed to achieve the following:

  • Explaining the benefits of a solid staff structure, with defined roles and understanding Responsibility
  • Having an independent trained ear to listen and understand your staff concerns
  • Allowing your team to discuss challenges and work on solutions that removes inefficiencies and improves productivity
  • Creating a Cohesive team by helping them understand the importance of working together
  • Assist your team to lift their level of customer experience and create a clinic culture which they are proud to be a part of
  • Help your team understand systems and processes: the key to creating a more efficient workplace and an enjoyable environment

Step 3

Structured Monthly Team Performance & Training Workshops

We schedule team training with your team members for you every month. That’s right, we do this all for you. Our monthly structured meetings schedule is carefully designed to maximise effectiveness and minimise daily interruptions. These meetings are critical in creating a happy, motivated and organised team who operate more efficiently and profitably.

Step 4

Your Monthly Management Meeting & Dashboard

Every month we generate your Monthly Management Dashboard. We spend a focussed hour together, reviewing a detailed snapshot of your business to compare exactly how your practice is performing compared to last year and to Industry Benchmarks (BM). This sets the foundation for systematic practice improvement as we can accurately prepare next month’s road map.

This dashboard is updated every month to show the performance improvement of the practice, or to highlight any areas that may need urgent attention.

What workshops do we run with your practice?

  • Vet Consult Process – 3 parts / ongoing
  • Phone Call Training – 3 parts / ongoing
  • Invoices (5) Assessment and price review – This is repeated when required
  • Communication – Awareness and Importance / Front desk / Internal
  • Communication – Problem Solving Conversations / Responsibility & Accountability
  • Developing ‘Your Clinics Culture’ – In person WS / 90 mins to 2 hrs
  • Missed Charges and Missed opportunities
  • Nurse Consultations
  • Standards of Care for all Treatments – several workshops are required
  • Building Templates – at the same time as Standards of Care WS
  • Internal Marketing – Two Parts
  • Customer Experience- Two Parts
  • Dental Workshops – Overcoming the fear of money
  • Educating your customers
  • Selling Insurance
  • How to become a leader in your area – Head nurse / reception / etc.
  • How to run an Effective Staff Meeting
  • One on one with specific staff or groups to overcome challenges
  • Increase your practice profit

Our Proven Results

Since working with CVS, we have seen the following results in our clinic:

  • Sales increased by $170,349
  • Wage costs reduction of $68,000
  • Additional profit of $86,000
  • A higher average transaction increase with an increase of $22 per invoice.
  • All Vets average sales have increased by between $15 to $35 per sale over the past twelve months

We now have defined roles and responsibility for all staff, processes for bad debtors and follow up calls (revisits up by 50%).

Pip Johnston | Tenterfield Veterinary Clinic, NSW

Since working with CVS, we have seen the following results in our clinic;

  • Sales increased by 20%
  • Cost of Goods reduced by 2.5%
  • Wages reduced by 17%
  • $74,000 turn around
  •  Average ROS levels with Vets increased from 4.2 to between 6.5 and 7.5

And our two young vets are now working well together and supporting one another. Staff are now well organised with clearly defined roles and there have been no employee changes in the last 6 months

Annie Adams | AniMals at Oakey Flat Vet Hospital, Moorayfield QLD

Our Risk Free Guarantee

We are so confident with the results of our proven system that we guarantee, if after 1 year we have not increased your profits by an amount equal to your yearly membership, we will refund you the difference in full.*

For more information, including the costs associated for your clinic, please click on the enquire button below or call 1300 897 797 and select option 3.